Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word meaning “life knowledge,” is a 5000 year-old natural healing system from ancient India and a sister science to yoga. While this very comprehensive system does offer treatments, powerful herbs and cleanses, the main goal is prevention.  Rather than being a strict diet and lifestyle program, Ayurveda acknowledges that we are all unique beings with individual needs and that we are capable of knowing what’s best for us when we listen to our bodies, strengthen and trust our own intuition and ultimately, learn how to live a life inbalance with the cycles of nature.
My wife, Lara, is studying to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner.  Below is a list of online resources she has put together.
Dosha quizzes:
This one is good because you can select more than one answer if you really can’t decide between two or even three.  It looks like it would calculate automatically, but it does, so just add up each column and make a note of it, so you can share your final numbers with me (for vata, pitta and kapha…both mental and physical).


This one’s a bit more comprehensive, but you can only chose one answer.  Still it’s one of the better free online quizzes.  Neither of these tests are perfect, but between the two, you’ll probably know your current dosha.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the general IDEA behind each answer.  For example, one of the questions is about leisure activities and one answer is “sports, politics” and another is “water, flowers.”  Well, obviously not everyone in the world is going to definitely LOVE either of those answers…but the idea behind “sports, politics” is stuff that is exciting, stimulating, perhaps competitive, etc. The idea behind water, flowers, is relaxing, mellow surroundings, etc.   So, don’t feel like by answering a certain question you are saying “I feel EXACTLY this way”…. the general is much more important than the details.
You might find you have one predominant dosha (vata, pitta or kapha) or you might be pretty evenly between two, in which case you’d be “pitta-kapha”, “vata-pitta”, etc.  You can google “pitta diet” or “vata personality”, “kapha diseases”, etc. to find tons of info online.
Here’s a few links to get started in terms of diet though:
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